Yellow Collage

After the relative ease of making the green collage, this one seemed more difficult. I’m creating a series of color studies in Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color.
For this one, I started by creating a background with magazine clippings with some yellow paint. After I added more clippings, I felt the composition was kind of blah. My yellow stash doesn’t have much diversity so far as value goes. I improved on it by adding some darker areas and adding some light paint. There was one section I didn’t like at all so I tore off the clippings. There were parts I liked where the pulled off layer had created a mask that blocked some of the paint added in an earlier phase. I added the two hand painted rectangles of fabric, partially to cover a part I didn’t like and partly to balance the composition. I added some lines of stitching.
Now I like it…

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